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What To Look For In Home Theatre Speakers

Home theatres are becoming commonplace in households around the world. Offering a great place for a family to get together to view movies, television programs and even home videos, these rooms are not........ Read More

Home Theatre Furniture Is More Than Just Chairs

When you think about furniture for your home theatre, the first thing that jumps to mind is chairs and seating. This isn't a bad thing. The chairs and seating are extremely important in a home theat........ Read More

Aspen Nightlife – Theatre In The Park

Founded in 1983 by Kent Reed, Theatre in the Park has become an Aspen tradition that adds to the delight of Aspen nightlife. Theatre in the Park once actually was theatre that was performed in........ Read More

Home Theatre Screen Choices Can Make A Difference

Many people believe anything goes when it comes to putting together a home theatre. This might be the case for some, but those who want optimum viewing know one of the most important things is actuall........ Read More

Searching For The Right Home Theatre Seating

One of the most important aspects of a home theatre doesn't even involve the TV, the DVD player, the projectors (if chosen) or even anything electronic. What good is having the best home theatre in t........ Read More

Home Theatre Systems

Home theater experts state that the most important consideration in setting up a home theater system is the size of the room where you will set up the home theater system. The most important component........ Read More

Home Theatre Furniture Should Be Functional

Setting aside an entire room to devote to nothing more than watching television or movies can seem frivolous, but for those who really love entertainment this can be one of the most exciting rooms in ........ Read More

London Theatre Breaks

Because it increasingly easier and cheaper to travel from one area to another, people in the modern world have begun taking a number of weekend breaks to various parts of the country. Individuals and ........ Read More

Make The Internet Your Personal Home Theatre

A few years back, a simple visit to the theatre would not cost you much. But then, prices started to escalate and then came the concept of DVD rentals. Though DVD rentals were initially popular, their........ Read More

Home Theatre Seating Choices Abound

Putting together a home theatre can be a fantastic family project that results in a room everyone enjoys spending time in together. To make sure everything is right from the screen down to the home th........ Read More

Home Theatre - What Difference Do Cables Make?

If you go to your local home theater store, you may be confronted by a variety of “extreme” sounding names for cabling: Mega Cables, Monster Cables, Uber Cables… the proliferation of “boutique........ Read More

Home Theatre Designs Should Follow A Pattern

While the actual decorations and theme of a home theatre can run the gamut from old-time movie house to modern whimsy, there is a set pattern that should be followed in designing the room. Home theatr........ Read More

Home Theatre Systems Have Four Major Components

There are average home theatre systems and then there are spectacular home theatre systems. What makes the best isn't necessarily the pricing, it's more in the sights, sounds and atmosphere that's cre........ Read More

Home Theatre Screens - Looking For The Perfect Picture

Finding the perfect picture for your home theatre can be difficult, and it also depends what your definition of a home theatre is. For most individuals, a home theatre is having a beautifully large a........ Read More


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