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24 (season 2) Dvd Review

Premiering in November 2001, 24 set the television landscape on fire as one of the best new series and cemented its position as a pop culture phenomenon. Making use of an extremely original plot devic........ Read More

The Simpsons (season 5) Dvd Review

If you’ve never been to Springfield, then you haven’t experienced one of the most entertaining and witty shows in television history. The Simpsons is unrivaled in its satirical quality and is quit........ Read More

Titanic (dvd) Review

Nominated for 14 Academy Awards and winner of 11 including Best Picture, Titanic became a worldwide phenomenon upon its release in 1997. Written and directed by James Cameron, the producer behind such........ Read More

Frasier (season 3) Dvd Review

One of the most celebrated TV series of its time, Frasier follows the life of the popular Cheers character, Dr. Frasier Crane. The entire course of the show usually takes place in three settings: Fras........ Read More

How Dvd Rental Works

With the convenience of the internet, vast DVD title range and low prices, online DVD rental is becoming a popular choice for renting DVD’s. With the ever increasing penetration of the internet an........ Read More

Hunter (season 2) Dvd Review

Recipient of 3 Emmy nominations, Hunter is widely considered one of the premiere action/detective dramas of its time. Much like Tom Selleck's Magnum, P.I., Fred Dryer's Hunter had a knack for attracti........ Read More

Electronics Guide: How To Choose A Dvd Player

Whether buying for yourself or a gift for a loved one, finding just the right DVD player isn't as easy as it seems. There are so many formats, sizes and added features for DVD players today that you m........ Read More

Alias (season 3) Dvd Review

One of the highest rated shows of its era, Alias maintains a loyal cult following swept away by its intriguing suspense and action-packed drama. Jennifer Garner stars in the lead role of Sydney Anne B........ Read More

Seinfeld (season 3) Dvd Review

The preeminent show of the 1990's decade, Seinfeld grew from an idea of "a show about nothing" into a sacred pop culture icon, not that there's anything wrong with that... The show follows the life of........ Read More

The Sopranos (season 2) Dvd Review

In the late 1990’s a new HBO original series took America by storm. The Sopranos redefined the cable drama series genre with its unique look into the family life of a New Jersey mafia kingpin. Recip........ Read More

Why You Need To Find Out More About Dvd Rental By Mail

Going out every time you want a DVD rental can be so taxing, that is why it is so fantastic that there are places where you can get a DVD rental by mail. These guys make renting movies almost too easy........ Read More

Million Dollar Baby (dvd) Review

Nominated for 5 Golden Globes and 7 Academy Awards, including Best Motion Picture of the Year, Million Dollar Baby opened to widespread critical acclaim and excellent audience reviews. Director Clint ........ Read More

Buying And Properly Caring For Anime Collectable Dvds

In the United States alone, it is estimated that thousands of individuals participate in a hobby that is commonly referred to as anime collecting. Anime collecting involves the buying, storing, and........ Read More

The Sopranos (season 4) Dvd Review

Recipient of numerous awards and critical acclaim, The Sopranos has solidified itself as one of the best shows of the past decade. A sitcom family version of The Godfather, although not to be confused........ Read More

Features To Look For In Portable Dvd Players

If you have ever been on a long car trip with a couple of kids in the backseat, you know what a great piece of modern technology a portable DVD player is. Having a portable DVD player can pull kids at........ Read More


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